Keynote Speakers

Maoshan Wang

Maoshan Wang is an associate professor of Jinan University, and a member of “The Expert Committee of Shandong Cuisine Culture and Industrial Development Project ". He is mainly engaged in the teaching and research in product development, cooking technology, banquet design, catering management system design and catering culture. In recent years, he has presided over and participated in many important projects funded by government and enterprises, published nearly 30 academic papers and 4 professional books,and applied for 8 patents (under review ). He has won the “Jing Ding Award”, the highest award of the Chinese Food Festival, and the top ten celebrity banquets in China. His work “Royal Chinese Brush and Sea Cucumber Wings” has won the title of the Chinese Famous Dishes. He banquet design “Baotu Spring banquet of Jinan Spring Banquet Series” and “Baotu Spring Wedding banquet of Jinan Spring Banquet Series” have been widely promoted by large catering companies in Jinan, promoting Jinan Spring Food Culture and achieving a good economy and social benefits.
Title: Specific Requirement of Fruit and Vegetable Cutting for Chinese Cuisine and Chinese Cutting Technique