Keynote Speakers

Giancarlo Colelli

Prof. Giancarlo Colelli – Short Resume
Full Professor of Equipments for Postharvest Operations at the University of Foggia, Italy, where he also chairs the Doctorate Program on “Innovation Management in Agricultural and Food Systems of the Mediterranean Region”. R&D activities at the University of Foggia primarily cover the following topics: equipment implications on quality of whole and of fresh-cut fruits and vegetables, non-destructive technology for assessment of quality attributes in fresh fruits and vegetables, low impact technologies to extend the shelf-life of fresh fruits and vegetables. As principal investigator he has coordinated more than 20 national and International R&D programs; including QUAFETY, funded by the European Commission (7th FP), and OFRALSER, funded by Italian MIUR (PON1) multi-partner projects specifically dedicated to fresh-cut products. In conjuction with other colleagues he has organized all the editions of the European Short-course on Quality & Safety of Fresh-cut Produce (in Italy, Spain, Germany, Turkey, and UK). Member of the European Society of Agricultural Engineering; International Institute of Refrigeration, International Society for Horticultural Science. Convener of the ISHS 11th International Controlled and Modified Atmosphere Research Conference (Trani, Italy 3-7 June 2013). Author of more than 200 scientific papers on national and international journals and proceedings.


Title: Novel approaches to predict past and future history of fresh-cut fruits and vegetables