List of accepted abstracts:

1.Optimizing modified atmosphere packaging for fresh-cut broccoli raab (Brassica rapa L.)   

2.Monitoring the effect of cutting blade sharpness on quality of fresh-cut product   

3.Rocket (Diplotaxis erucoides L. cv Wasabi) leaves functionality and quality as affected by cut and cold storage   

4. New packaging materials for fresh-cut produce   

5. Minimizing quality deterioration of fresh-cut baby spinach by retrofitting refrigerated retail display cases with doors   

6. The physiological basis of fresh-cut fruit and vegetable differences   

7. Responses of plants to damage mediated by proteases, signaling peptides and calcium signaling   

8. Management of preharvest and postharvest factors related to quality and safety aspects of leafy vegetables   

9. Monitor and control process wash water sanitation   

10.Untargeted metabolomics reveals biomarkers of tissue browning susceptibility in fresh-cut lettuce   

11.Sensory properties, nutrients, and shelf-life of fresh and fresh-cut produce as influenced by effective food safety intervention technologies   

12.Transcriptional profile changes and quality maintenance of fresh-cut produce   

13.Operating conditions for microwave application throughout production process to reduce microbial load of fresh-cut apples   

14.Specific requirement of fruit and vegetable cutting for Chinese cuisine and Chinese cutting technique   

15.Ensuring the safety of fresh-cut produce using electrolyzed oxidizing water   

16.Effect of gas composition on quality attributes and microbial population dynamics of fresh-cut iceberg lettuce   

17.Natural phenolic antimicrobials for preserving quality and safety of ready-to-eat fruit and vegetable products through nanotechnological and microencapsulation approaches   

18.Explanation of laws and regulations on fresh-cut fruits and vegetables   

19.Empirical evidence of the perfotec system on strawberry shelf life extension: Fast Respiration Meter, CLMSMODEL and Perfotec Laser With Automatic OTR Control   

20.ɤ-Aminobutyric acid (GABA) concentrations in relation to antioxidants in fresh-cut fruits and vegetables   

21.Cold plasma treatment improves microbial quality and enhances antioxidant activity in fresh-cut pitaya fruit   

22.Value-added compounds processed from by-products or waste of produce   

23.Quality maintenance of fresh-cut produce by bio-sourced extract   

24.Biofortification with micronutrients to enhance the nutrition of fresh-cut produce   

25.Effects of chlorine dioxide treatment on microbial growth and quality of fresh-cut Chinese yam during storage  

26.Preservation effect of melatonin combined with ultra-high pressure on fresh-cut pear   

27.Antimicrobial activity of the flavonoids from fresh-cut Chinese water-chestnut etiolated tissues 

28.Impact of tariffs on US fresh-cut produce exports to China   

29.Effects of edible film of Chinese yam starch on quality attributes and storability of fresh-cut carambola fruit during storage   

30.Excavation of novel bacteriocins produced by lactic acid bacteria to control foodborne pathogens in fresh-cut fruits   

31.Sodium chloride combined with polypropylene packaging can maintain the quality of fresh-cut ginger   

32.Sodium chloride solution treatment combined with LDPE package can effectively inhibit flavor deterioration of fresh-cut apple   

33.Effect of Nanfeng mandarin juice treatment on browning of fresh-cut apples in relation to the antioxidant capacity and phenolic metabolism   

34.An innovative mechanization scheme developed for leafy greens to integrate flame treatments, minimum tillage and residue removal for improving crop sustainability   

35.The effect of low temperature storage on fruit quality of "Guizhou Crystalgrape"   

36.Study of glutamate on browning inhibition of fresh cut potato chips   

37.Improving pomegranate fruit quality by short-term hypobaric treatment combined with modified atmosphere packaging storage   

38.Comparison of fumigation and immersion of essential oils on quality and physiology of fresh shiitake mushrooms (Lentinus edodes)   

39.Effect of acetaldehyde fumigation on change in the sucrose, acidity and relative enzymes of fresh-cut pineapples during storage   

40.The effect of prestorage short-term hypobaric treatment, in modified atmosphere packaging storage on fresh quality of kiwifruit   

41.The effects of ascorbic acid treatment on quality of fresh-cut potato   

42.Study of glutamate on browning inhibition of fresh cut potato chips   

43.Browning of fresh-cut produce: influencing factors and control technology   

44.The effect of ultrasonic treatment on fresh-cut eggplant   

45.Combined effects of NaClO, calcium chloride dipping and MA packaging on shelf life in fresh-cut strawberries   

46.Effects of soaking and cutting on the water status and sensory quality of garlic clove   

47.Study on modified atmosphere packaging with silicon rubber window of fresh-cut broccoli   

48.Antibacterial activity of cinnamon, oregano, thyme, rosemary essential oil against Listeria monocytogenes on fresh-cut cantaloupe and fresh-cut apple   

49.Rapid detection of Staphylococcus aureus and Salmonella Typhimurium in fresh-cut cantaloupe and fresh-cut lettuce by multiplex real-time PCR assay   

50.The quality changes and shelf-life of fresh-cut iceberg lettuce treated by ultrasound and modified atmosphere packages   

51.Effect of different wounding intensities on quality in fresh-cut potato   

52.Effect of low temperature storage on fruit quality of different cultivars of citrus   

53.Effect of ozonized ice treatment on the quality of postharvest Agaricus bisporus during cold storage   

54.Effect of 1-nitrosocyclohexyl acetate on storage quality of fresh-cut apple   

55.A novel molecularly imprinted surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy substrates modified with dendritic gold nanoparticles for the determination of patulin in apple juice   

56.The regulation pathway of nitric oxide and abscisic acid biosynthesis in response to cold-stored peach fruit   

57.Chitosan coating effects on texture changes of minimally processed lettuce   

58.Biopolymers as coatings for minimally processed iceberg and crisphead lettuce   

59.The effects of nitric oxide on fruits and vegetables after harvest   

60.Hot water pre-treatment can inhibit browning of fresh-cut apple by regulating fatty acid metabolism   

61.Research progress of auxin signal in plant   

62.Effect of edible coating on the physical and chemical quality of fresh-cut fruits   

63.Control of whitening of fresh-cut carrots by sodium alginate compound coatings   

64.Effect of harvest maturity on the browning of potatoe tubers   

65.Expression of NAC genes during fresh-cut lotus root (Nelumbo nucifera G.) storage and browning   

66.Effect of pre-harvest fertilization on quality and ultrastructure of fresh-cut apple   

67.Hot water treatment inhibited the browning of fresh-cut eggplant   

68.Jasmonic acid signal transduction pathway   

69.Effects of physical and chemical treatments on the quality of fresh-cut fruits and vegetables   

70.Application of chitosan-gelatin active edible film on quality of fresh-cut pitaya fruit   

71.Research progress of early auxin response gene SAUR in plants   

72.Intelligent equipment is needed for fresh-cut fruit processing   

73.Proteomic profiles associated with quality characterization of small berries in response to elevated oxygen atmosphere   

74.Preparation of chitosan-based melatonin coating and application on ready-to-eat produce   

75.Efficient microencapsulation of Syringa essential oil: the valuable potential on quality maintenance and storage behavior of ready-to-eat produce   

76.Morphological and quality characterization of grape berry and rachis in response to postharvest 1-MCP and elevated atmospheres   

77.Effects of pre-harvest fertilization on fruit quality indicators, aroma components and related gene expression during apple storage   

78.Handling and processing of fresh-cut leafy vegetables   

79.Effect of high voltage electrostatic field treatment on browning of fresh-cut potatoes   

80.Study on browning control technology of three fresh cut vegetables   

81.Study on MA packaging technology of fresh cut vegetables   

82.The research of 1-MCP new product and its application on post-harvest horticultural crops   

83.The effect of ultrasound combined with chlorine dioxide treatment on quality and microbial growth of fresh-cut carrot   

84.Ginger essential oil incorporated into chitosan edible coating for shelf-life extension and quality retention of fresh-cut sweet potatoes (Dioscorea esculenta (Lour.) Burkill)   

85.Efficient microencapsulation and controlled release of ginger essential oil loaded in polysaccharide based on delivery systems: enhancement of Jujube (Ziziphus jujuba Mill.) fruit quality and storability